The following are my recent projects as a Business Owner, Business Analyst, & Project Manager.

EYC Labs

Founder & CEO.

Founded EYC Labs- A global corporation providing cutting-edge solutions in agriculture, technology, nutrition, and education. Tyler assembled the Executive Start-Up Team comprised of best-in-industry individuals, spearheaded all company niche sales devisions, spearheaded all branding efforts, spearheaded all website UX/UI, and coordinated all 5 global offices in Denver, Colorado; Ahmedabad, India; Busselton, Australia; Rajkot, India.

Ethereal Yogi Collective. Busselton, Australia.


Cofounded Ethereal Yogi Collective- Offering Yoga classes, workshops, & retreats which are rooted in classical tradition, & inspired by the profound Yogic texts of ancient India and Tibet. EYC further serves the global Collective via Permaculture projects and training, and a Signature Clothing Line.

38State Holdings LLC. Global


Created 38State- Offering professional consulting of corporate development throughout all stages of a business’s lifecycle- from start-up through maturity. Areas of expertise include Global Corporate Strategy & Communication, IT Business Analysis, Project & Product Management, Branding & Marketing, & Entrepreneurial Coaching/Mentoring. Tyler has consulted businesses to success across the following domains:

The following are a selection of my projects:



Hyderabad Education System. Hyderabad, India.

IT Business Analyst, Agile/SCRUM Strategy Advisor

Performed Enterprise Analysis, Requirements Elicitation, & definition of SCOPE; prepared SRS- System Requirements Specification, Business Process Modeling, Change Management rules, & User Stories; defined Agile SCRUM Strategy & Product Backlog; facilitated User Acceptance/Test Case collaboration.

Agama Yoga. Koh Phangan, Thailand. Rishikesh, India.

Director of Sales & Marketing, IT Business Analyst, Project Manager, Ongoing Advisor

Redeveloped Agama’s operational systems/procedures & functionality; networked 8 global branches; hired & managed cross-functional teams; co-developed digital platforms & CRM assets via Agile SCRUM & Kanban; conceptualized & drafted platform UI/Information Architecture schematics & prototyping; developed, deployed, and managed entire sales/marketing system & team; and managed a high volume of critical strategic partnerships across the globe.

Evolution Yogi Cafe. Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Co Founder, Director of Operations, Project Manager

Created a dedicated, full-service vegan and vegetarian restaurant to serve both the local community. I oversaw every aspect of business’s start-up- from purchase & contract negotiations & initial definition of scope, to elicitation of business & technical requirements, through product development and implementation. I developed the recipes, wrote the menu, and continuously oversaw all strategic vendor partnerships within the community. Currently, the restaurant is serving 100-300 guests daily.

GravilTravel. Nationwide.

Co Founder/Product Owner, IT Business Analyst, Project Manager

Cofounded Gravil- a marketplace platform dedicated to discovering temporary lodging solutions. Reverse engineered the world’s largest marketplace travel platform & applied mirrored functionality to Gravil. Led requirement elicitation & managed Waterfall SDLC. Created all UX/UI & Information Architecture, communicating requirements to GUI designers & developers . Guided overall business model strategy, visioned company brand, led marketing strategy, architected & deployed Gravil’s early adopter (Users) strategy

WeedStream. Nation-wide.

Co Founder, Director of Sales & Revenue, IT Business Analyst, Project Manager

Cofounded WeedStream- the first, full-service marketing agency for the fastest growing domain in America. Formed the company & assembled start-up team, managed Agile SDLC for web & software assets, guided overall business model strategy, & constructed all revenue models, forecasts, & streams.


Ion Real Estate & RE/MAX. Colorado.

IT Business Analyst

For both companies- performed client database querying/cleansing & maintenance, audited existing CRM platform(s) to identify opportunities of eliciting new business & re-engaging existing clients, developed proprietary lead engagement and sales funnel system(s).



And here are a few of my creations as a Business Owner, Business Analyst, & Project Manager.


Public Speaking/Presentations:

Watch: As I lecture at Agama Yoga, in Koh Phangan, Thailand on "How to Build a Successful Business as a Certified Professional"


UX/UI/GUI Prototyping:

For the following web platforms, I created complete UX, UI, and Information Architecture

 Graphic Design By:    GRIT agency

Graphic Design By: GRIT agency

Agama Yoga. 8 Locations World-Wide

Business Analyst & Project Management Documentation:

The following are a selection of documents I've created along the way 

Brand Kits:

The following are a selection of branding kits I created, resultant of my project management efforts

 Graphic Design By:    Olli D

Graphic Design By: Olli D

 Graphic Design By:    GRIT agency

Graphic Design By: GRIT agency

Business Plans and Manifestos:

The following are a selection of past business plans, marketing strategies, & cultural manifestos I have written-


A selection of past event and video projects I have produced, from my various ventures-

Past Projects & Partners:

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