-           Tyler giving the key note talk at the TEDx spinoff Converge Forum 1.0 in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

-           Tyler giving the key note talk at the TEDx spinoff Converge Forum 1.0 in Koh Phangan, Thailand.


Sell out to Life.

My first name is Harry, but go by Ty. I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, & am a fourth generation state native. I am wildly passionate about the practice and study of Yoga, all things outdoors, & traveling the world. I am an avid, life-long snowboarder, having served as both a sponsored athlete, & a coach for a professional snowboard team. I additionally love the exhilaration of business development, & find great joy in volunteering my time through coaching, mentoring, promoting, & unifying a given community’s thought-leaders & start-up ventures.

After a decade of building my business and largely defining myself by professional accomplishments, in 2015 I decided to take a risk, step into the complete unknown, and change my life's trajectory. I parked my laptop and bought a one way ticket to the Himalayan mountains of northern India to pursue a quest for personal evolution and spiritual discipline as a full-time, dedicated student of authentic Indian and Tibetan Hatha & Kundalini Yoga.


After much time spent going deep, and unlocking the magic-potential hidden within my sadhana, this inner quest further led me on an outward journey to a beautiful Yoga community on the tropical paradise island of Koh Phangan, Thailand. There I continued to deepen my studies into Yoga, while simultaneously slowly-slowly began stepping back into my professional self.

While in the start-up rich environment of Koh Phangan, Thailand, I accapted a role as Business Analyst, Project Manager, and Sales & Marketing director for one of the largest Yoga schools on the planet. I also crafted and deployed numerous other, successful business ventures.

I co-founded a vegan/vegetarian restaurant. I gave many lectures, on a wide range of topics, in a community teeming with tech-savvy digital nomads.

I gave the key-note talk at the TEDx spin-off Converge Forum. And I further coached and mentored numerous entrepreneurs, helping them realize their dreams.

And quite naturally, I fully immersed myself into crafting an effort to unify the community, and realize my vision to position the emerging island market into a world-renowned Yoga destination.

Having spent extensive time in India, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, and Malaysia, I have now come full circle. I am returned home to America, living in Boulder, Colorado where I am continuing my professional evolution as a Business Analyst, Project Manager, and Products Guru.

Continuing, now equipped with the profound insight(s) gained through my remarkable travels and once in a lifetime experiences.


Tyler's complete portfolio of past projects, media, and writings can be viewed HERE

In 2007, I began doing business as 38State, evolving myself into a passionate Project Manager, Business Analyst, and Branding & Marketing Expert.

For over a decade, I have expressed my passion for business in building, deploying, and operating many successful ventures.

I have applied my unique abilities in identifying emerging-market trends, and shaping emerging markets by developing scaling strategies within various explosive-growth sectors.

And by means of an agile path of self development, I have demonstrated the ability to elicit requirements, manage stakeholder relations, raise capital, craft exquisite branding & marketing strategies, develop/grow revenue streams, successfully develop niche products, & deploy appropriate go to market tactics.

WATCH: As I briefly share my story of life in Koh Phangan, Thailand


10 Years Experience in Developing IT, Hospitality, & Commercial Projects & Companies 


● 6 Start­Ups Taken to Market­- IT, Digital Media, Education, Travel, Health & Wellness, Hospitality
● CoFounder/Product Owner of 1 Online Travel Marketplace Platform
● CoFounder/Product Owner of 1 Digital Media Company
● CoCollaborator of 3 CRM Databases
● CoDeveloper of 6 Web Properties
● CoFounder of 3 Restaurants



  • Business Analysis- IT and Commercial
  • Product Development Strategy Management
  • Project Management & Business Strategy
  • Servant Leadership- Lean/Agile Emphasis
  • Waterfall, XP, SCRUM & Kanban Methodologies
  • Stakeholder & Strategic Partnership Relations
  • Change Management- Lean/Agile Emphasis
  • Requirement Elicitation, & Documentation


Comprehensive Knowledge:
● Marketplace Platforms
● U/X, U/I, Information Architecture
● Software as a Service (SaaS), & Internet of Things (IoT) current states
● Project engineering models Waterfall, RUP, & Agile (XP, SCRUM, & Kanban)
● SDLC­ Experience through all 7 phases of the Software Development Lifecycle
● SQL­ Relational database querying via SQL pulls and Excel interfacing/reporting
● KPI’s­ Reporting Key Performance Indicators throughout all stages of project life cycle
● Requirement Documentation­ BRD, SRS, RTM, RACI, UML, User Story Acceptance Criteria
● BABKOK Guide­ 6 knowledge areas within the IIBA’s Business Analysis Body of Knowledge
● PMBOK Guide­ 10 knowledge areas within the PMI’s Project Management Body of Knowledge

My efforts as an IT Business Analyst-

I have demonstrated success through all phases of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)- from SRS, BRD, FRS, & RTM documentation, to UML and Business Process Modeling, through project orchestration, primarily via lightweight, Agile methodologies such as RAD, XP, Scrum & Kanban. Perfectly comfortable working in tandem with stakeholders, marketing, finance, supply chain, operations, product & IT engineering teams, I take great care in monitoring & reporting KPI’s throughout various stages of a project life cycle, & working with relational databases via SQL pulls, to proactively elicit and fulfill requirements which lead to operational efficiency & successful product implementation.

My efforts as a Project & Product Manager-

 As a passionate Project Manager, these practices have strengthened my gift as natural servant-leader at the internal, company-organization level; openly inspiring professional & personal growth within those on my team, thus leading to a creativity-rich project environment, and inspired final products.

I take great care in maintaining my track record of architecting numerous, successful products from the ground up, & directing them through successful implementation-to-market. My professional foundation & extensive background in this area gives me the unique ability to develop agile, go-to-market strategies on behalf of stakeholders, manage teams, & bring an unparalleled perspective of Change Management practices while keeping diligent focus on target-market acceptance, maximum brand impact, & a perfect product-user fit.


My INSTAGRAM @htmarshall38